BMW Happy Tooth Writes About The Joys of Getting Old

Good morning all you white-haired old ladies out there. This is a white-haired old lady “in here.” It’s Agatha Morningstar, the delightful hostess of the BMW Happy Tooth Blog, which is sponsored by Jake’s Towing, the Arvada wrecker service that will always treat you right. (By the way, Jake told me yesterday that he’s offering some really great specials this month; fill out the Contact form and I will send you his email flyer).

Today on this post I want to continue on in the same vein that I have been mining for the last two weeks: I want to talk some more about the joys of getting old.

As I have told you all at least a million times, I never wanted to get old. Frankly, I was never even able to imagine getting old. You have to remember that I was the head cheerleader at Arvada High School, the sexiest girl on the whole campus.

I thought that after I left high school I would travel out to Hollywood and become a famous actress or something, a legend on stage and screen, you know. But, of course, in the end things didn’t work out that way.

In the end Jimmy Thompson and I got into a little trouble from what we had been doing in the back of his car, and we had to have a shotgun wedding.

That’s what happened back in those days: you got into a little trouble, and you had to have a shotgun wedding.

That’s not what happens these days, though, and I think, as everybody who reads this blog knows, that what they do these days is a lot better than what they did back then.

Well, I stayed with Jimmy through three kids, but he was not the man I should have married; the relationship went bad almost from the start.

But then, when I was thirty-five I met Brad Harper, and you all know about him. He was the right one.

He and I have been together for fifty years now. We’re growing old together, and growing old gracefully. Which brings me back to my subject for today’s blog.

But I’m tired of writing now.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll have more to tell you.